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Quickpost: Reflections on Alcoholics Anonymous by Glee Star Jane Lynch

While Jane Lynch’s role as Sue Sylvester on Glee has created quite a national following for her it has also created a platform for her to talk about her past battles with addiction. In one excerpt from her book “Happy Accidents” Jane talks a good bit about her time in Alcoholics Anonymous and how transformative it was for her. Here is an excerpt from her book as originally posted by my favorite addictions blog (The

I adored going to meetings. Because of the Irish DNA dancing in my person, I’ve always been drawn to storytelling. The hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell talked and wrote about has always fascinated me. In the rooms of AA, I was captivated by the courage and the extraordinary effort it takes to face an addiction and come out the other side transformed. What is facing an addiction and getting sober if not a hero’s journey? I ate those drunkalogues up. They inspired me. I was convinced that in these meetings, the real stuff of life was going on and being talked about. The emotional honesty and good humor blew me away. I was all ears.

Since I work in an addictions treatment program, I often hear clients talk about how much AA or other 12-step programs have helped them gain their sobriety. I certainly wouldn’t be the first to say that there are many drawbacks to the AA approach but it is the most prolific form of substance abuse treatment (and likely mental health treatment) in the world and as such should be applauded. From the one AA meeting I have attended (an open meeting), I could feel the mutual love and support from a room full of recovering alcohol abusers all trying to get better together. I also applaud Jane Lynch for opening up and discussing her process in recovery and hope it opens up others to the possibility of recovery.

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