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The Inaugural Post

With this post, I begin a blog that I have been considering for a while now. With the changing nature of how we receive and process information, I feel the importance of the blogosphere is ever growing. Personally, I consume much of my daily news from electronic sources including blogs and websites. I know I am not alone in that sentiment as many of my friends and colleagues read blogs daily. 

Blogs give news a different feel as it allows the consumer to not only learn important information but to get a sense of how others are processing the news. For example, when I read a blog post from a familiar writer, I already know what direction the writer is going to take the news. I feel as though I am hearing the news/report/whatever from a friend by the “water cooler”. When friends talk about news that don’t just deliver the news like a news anchor. They say, “Did you hear about _________ (fill in the salient topic)?! I can’t believe they said that/did that!” Regardless of the topic, when you sit around and discuss relevant and salient news with friends they will likely give you their opinion while they attempt to hear your opinion. That’s the great thing about blogs, they can feel like a natural discussion with friends (friends that you both agree and disagree with). I also hope that the reader comments section is used someday as a part of that discussion.

Access to news and developments in the field of psychology can be a very expensive undertaking. Membership dues for various professional organizations and their journal fees can cost hundreds of dollars depending the sheer breadth and depth of the organizations. Following a blog will allow you access to some of the latest findings in the field without costing you an arm and a leg. In addition, the nature of being a psychology professional or graduate student alone is preventative in keeping up with the latest news and findings. Many times we simply don’t have enough time to read through all the peer-reviewed journals we receive in the mail. Hopefully, this blog can serve as way to stay in the loop with relevant findings from across the field of clinical psychology. 

Last but not least, I don’t want my blog to simply be a cliff notes version of journal articles. I will likely discuss non peer reviewed articles, popular movies, music, etc. I hope to always keep the discussion in the realm of psychology, but with an ear to popular culture. I hope you find my blog interesting, thought provoking, or at least entertaining.

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  1. I found your blog interesting. I'm a graduate student too, majoring in clinical psychology from University of Indonesia. I'm hoping I can widen my view, know more about what's new on this field through your blog. Thanks for sharing your coffee shop talk.

  2. Enjoy your blog, also a grad student.

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